Outline of the PPRS 2018 program
Jean-François Corté
Chairman of the Program Committee

The 2015 PPRS Summit highlighted the fact that most countries are not paying enough attention to road infrastructure maintenance and pavement preservation issues, nor to the socio-economic impact of under-maintenance. Postponing maintenance and rehabilitation can only make it harder to keep existing damage in check, and places the financial burden on the next generation. The watchword was “It is time to act ".

The messages from PPRS 2015 have trickled down to help raise awareness of public policy advocates and decision-makers, but the battle has yet to be won in terms of actual policies and measures. The 2018 PPRS Summit is therefore a logical continuation of the 2015 event, with the aim of identifying and bolstering promising initiatives to help restore sustainability to our road transport systems, and therefore fulfill our mobility needs.

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March, 26th to 28th 2018 - Nice Acropolis - France
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