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  • Governance of road administrations from the Swedish perspective
    Anna WILDT-PERSSON, Swedish Transport Administration, Sweden

    Road management in the United-Kingdom: a complex landscape that requires close collaboration
    Graham PENDLEBURY, Department for Transport, The United-Kingdom
    The road asset of the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis
    Luc FAVIER, Networks and infrastructure of Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis, France

    Management contract for the infrastructure network of the city of Malaga
    Francisco MARTIN MORENO, Responsable de conservacion viaria de la ciudad de Malaga: UTE Eiffage-CONACON, Spain
    Innovative techniques for the repair and maintenance of concrete roads
    Luc RENS, European Concrete Paving Association (EUPAVE), Belgium
    Roads as support of sustainable development
    Michel DEMARRE, The French International Contractors (SEFI) / National Federation ofPublic Works (FNTP), France
    Implementation of Pavement Management Systems in US DoTs
    Bud WRIGHT, The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), USA
    North Carolina DOT: Development of a Long Term Plan for the Interstate System
    Judith CORLEY-LAY, National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP), USA
    Benefits for Road Agencies from the Implementation of Management systems
    Karine BUSSONE, Hérault Departmental Council, France
    CEDR project ISABELA
    Alfred WENINGER-VYCUDIL, PMS-Consult (Engineering office for traffic andinfrastructure), Austria
    Performance based contract in China: a case study
    Franck HAO LI, JSTI GROUP, China
    External Audit of the Maintenance of the Non-Franchised Road Network in France
    Hélène KLICH , Non-Conceded National Road Network and Traffic ManagementBranch - Directorate of Transport Infrastructures, Directorate-General forInfrastructure, Transport and the Sea - Ministry of Transport, France
    Sustainable funding: challenges faced in World Bank projects in Europe/Central Asia
    Ioannis DIMITROPOULOS, World Bank Croatia Office, Croatia
    Financing new mobility needs: what are the innovative solutions
    Arnaud HARY, France’s Motorway Industry Association (ASFA), France
    Opening session - Road maintenance: a political issue
    Séance d’ouverture - Entretenir les routes : un enjeu politique

    Sesión de apertura - Conservar las carreteras: un reto político
    National study to quantify the benefits of Pavement Preservation
    R. Buzz POWELL, National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University (NCAT), USA
    40% and 70% Recycling: From Laboratory Tests to Demonstrations by the
    Sites of the National Project of Warm-Mix Asphalt Multi-Recycling (MURE)
    Jean-Éric POIRIER, Colas, France
    The Impact of Asphalt Aggregate on the Bitumen Technology
    Richard TAYLOR, Shell, the United-Kingdom
    Evolution of the Hot/Warm Mix Asphalt Recycling Technologies in Europe 
    Thierry DE SARS, Marini-Ermont (Fayat Group), France
    Bridging the Technology Gap between Research and Practice in Cold Recycling: A Closed Loop Solution
    Kim JENKINS, Department of Civil - Stellenbosch University, South Africa
    SustainEuroRoad: Circular Economy and Public Procurement
    Christine LEROY, Routes de France, France
    New challenges for roads in a changing environment
    Elena DE LA PEÑA, Spanish Road Association (AEC), Spain

    Ongoing Development of Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in Japan
    Shingo MAWATARI, Road Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport
    and Tourism, Japan

    The Road’s National Observatory: launching and first results
    David Zambon, Institute of Roads, Streets and Infrastructure for Mobility (IDRRIM), France
    Advanced mobility options - The impact of the AV on society
    Kirk STEUDLE, Michigan Department of Transportation, USA
    Connected vehicles serving road safety and mobility in Gironde 
    Catherine COURTEL, IBM France – Global Business Services, France
    Frédéric PERRIERE, Gironde Departmental Council, France
      The evolution of concrete surface maintenance techniques in North America
    John ROBERTS, International Grooving & Grinding Association (IGGA), USA

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  • Multimodalité durable dans les aires urbaines
    Mathieu LUZERNE, Cerema Méditerranée et secrétaire francophone du comité B3, France 
    André BROTO, Vinci Autoroutes et Président du comité B3, France
    Exchange knowledge and techniques on roads
    Olivier ANCELET, Cerema Territoire et Ville, France
    Introduction Healroad EU Project
    by J.DIEZ
    HEALROAD laboratory research: fundamental study of asphalt healing
    by B.G. MEIJIDE
    Promoting induction heating asphalt mixes. The self-healing technique
    by D.C.FRESNO
    HEALROAD industrial upscaling and full scale demonstrator
    ECONOMIC: Low-cost preventive maintenance technique (Life Cycle cost analysis)
    Revision of the Eurovignette Directive – perspectives for the ongoing
    legislative process and impacts on the future of road charging in the EU
    Jan SZULCZYK, European Commission, DG MOVE, Belgium
    Shaping the mobility of the future in a big city: Madrid use case
    Sergio FERNANDEZ BALAGUER, Empresa Municipal de Transportes de
    Madrid S.A, Spain
    Sustainable urban mobility through integrating usage schemes for electric
    light vehicles with the transport system and road infrastructure
    Andrew WINDER, ERTICO – ITS Europe, Belgium
    Paving the way for ITS : the necessary convergence vehicle - infrastructure Stéphane BARBIER, Transpolis, France
    Marc TASSONE, IFSTTAR, France
    Concorde Overpass collapse: key issues
    Anne-Marie LECLERC, Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and
    Transport Electrification, Canada-Quebec
    Unpredicted Infrastructure Failure -Summary of PIARC Special Project-
    Yukio ADACHI, Hanshin Expressway Company Limited, Japan
    A Lesson is Speedy Infrastructure Recovery: the Interstate 85 Bridge Collapse in Atlanta
    Meg PIRKLE, Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), USA
    Impacts of the deficiences of the Leverkusen bridge – lessons learned 
    Yvonne GUNREBEN, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
    (BMVI), Germany
    Multi-annual maintenance contracts in Finland
    Katja LEVOLA, ELY Centre, Finland
    Sustainable Strategies to Maintain a Resilient Road Network - The Campbelltown City Council Experience
    Ross IOAKIM, Downer, Australia
    Introduccion de Contratos de Mantenimiento de Largo plazo en México
    Mercedes KURI, Infrastructure planning and evaluation coordinator, Mexico
    Mexico and long-term maintenance contracts
    Héctor OVALLE MENDIVIL, Mexican Association Mexican Association of
    Road Engineers (AMIVTAC), Mexico
    Plenary session: How can we communicate better on road asset management?
    Séance plénière : Comment mieux communiquer sur la gestion des actifs routiers ? ¿Cómo podemos comunicar mejor sobre la gestión del patrimonio de carreteras?
    International Overview of Quality Indices Used for Road Networks
    Gaëlle LE BARS, EGIS, France

    Proposal of a New Method for Measuring Surface Degradation (Revision of LPC test method 38.2)
    Julie MAIGNOL, VECTRA, France

    Modelling of the Ageing and Degradation of Materials: the MOVEDVDC Associated Research Program - Supported by the French National Agency for Research (ANR)
    Pierre HORNICH, IFSTTAR, France
    General Presentation of the Pavement Life Cycle National Project (DVDC)
    Dominique JAUMARD, President of the Project, France
    How to prevent risks for the staff working to maintain the motorway network?
    Christophe BOUTIN, France’s Motorway Industry Association (ASFA), France
    Policies to extend the life of road assets - An integrated approach of asset and transport management
    Loes AARTS, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat), The Netherlands
    The Urban Road Assets and trenching works: a First Scientific Approach in Lille
    Guy BEURIER, Association des Ingénieurs Territoriaux de France (AITF), France
    Optimised road network management in the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolitan Area
    Anthony CATTOEN, Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, France
    Philippe RAILLAT, Diagway, France
    Innovative approaches for strategic management of urban mobility
    MétroExpress : un projet ambitieux pour donner un coup d’accélérateur aux transports métropolitainsYannick TONDUT, Directeur Général Adjoint Mobilité à la métropole Aix Marseille-Provence, France
    Mobility as a Service: what are the expectations and requirements for
    infrastructure in the MaaS ecosystem?
    Piia KARJALAINEN, MaaS Alliance AISBL, Belgium

    Antonio AVENOSO, European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), Belgium

    UK Highways Outsourcing
    Rob GILLESPIE, Ringway Infrastructure Services, The United Kingdom
    Road maintenance management models in Madrid Region Road Network
    Fernando VARELA SOTO, Polytechnic University of Madrid - Faculty of Civil Engineering, Spain
    Renewed Commitment to Vision Zero
    Kenneth SVENSSON, Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), Sweden
    Suburban and rural areas – cycling on highways or cycle highways
    Aleksander BUCZYNSKI, European Cyclist Federation (ECF), Belgium
    Feedback on Pavement Degradation Mechanisms - First Analyses
    Jean-Pierre MARCHAND, Route et conseil, France
    Use of the Innovation Charter Experimental Sites and the Sites Referenced in the IDRRIM/CFTR Technical Reports to Determine the Long-Term Viability of Techniques
    Pascal ROSSIGNY, CEREMA/DTecTM, France
    A New Road Equipment Paradigm: the Autonomous and Connected Vehicle
    François LEBLANC, FARCO – FAYAT, France
    Hugues BOUCHER, Equipement Industries Vehicules Federation (FIEV), France
    Ludovic SIMON, CEREMA, France_

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  • New Governance and New Partnerships for Innovative Services Delivery
    Maria-Cristina MAROLDA, European Commission DG Move, Italy

    Michigan DOT, USA: Helping the Public Understand Asset Management
    Judith CORLEY-LAY, National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP), USA
    From apathy to action: a tale of public engagement in transport around the world
    Susanna ZAMMATARO, IRF, Switzerland
    Road Safety Strategies in Catalonia - From a reactive vision to a preventive vision in infrastructures
    Xavier FLORES GARCIA, Ministry of Territory and Sustainability (Generalitat de Catalunya), Spain
    Sesion de Clausura Performance related specifications for bituminous emulsions: a comparative approach between Europe and the USA
    Gayle KING, Asphalt Science, USA
    Bernard ECKMANN, Eurovia, France
    Performance related specifications for bituminous emulsions by B.ECKMANN and G.KING Advancing Pavement Preservation Through Certification
    Larry GALEHOUSE, National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP), USA
    A sustainable approach for the preservation of low trafficked roads.
    Regulations adapted to emulsion-based techniques
    María del Mar COLÁS, Technical Association of Bitumen Emulsion (ATEB) / International Bitumen Emulsion Federation (IBEF), Spain
    François CHAIGNON, Bitumen Road Emulsion Manufacturers Section (SFERB) c/o COLAS S.A, France
    Bitumen emulsions: a review of the markets worldwide
    Étienne LE BOUTEILLER, International Bitumen Emulsion Federation (IBEF), France
    Cérémonie de clôture CLOSING CEREMONY
    Trends of asphalt emulsion in Japan
    Manabu OBATA, Japan Emulsified Asphalt Association (JEAA), Japan
    An economics-based road classification system
    Matthew TOWNSHEND , University of Cape Town, South Africa
    Management of Road Infrastructure Safety: a Review of Tools
    Véronique FEYPELL, International Transport Forum (ITF) - OECD, France

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