Statement of Elisabeth BORNE, French Minister of Transport

To meet the mobility challenges of our fellow citizens, the French Government has decided to give priority to everyday travel, and therefore focus on the maintenance and modernization of existing networks. This is particularly true for roads, as they have proven to be irreplaceable infrastructures which ensure the greater share of mobility for both people and goods.

The Mobility roundtables that I have organized in recent months in France have confirmed that roads must play a major role in environmental, energy and digital transitions.

This is why I am so pleased to see that major French and international institutions are organizing the Pavement Preservation Recycling Summit to be held in Nice, France, on March 26, 27 and 28, 2018.

I fully support this initiative which will give us the opportunity to confront political, financial, organizational and technical viewpoints, and especially to exchange best practices from countries around the world.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Nice to ensure that the Summit is a great success and to find the voices and means to provide better road network maintenance for the benefit of all.

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Elisabeth BORNE
French Minister of Transport

Happy new year and good PPRS 2018

A new year begins, an important year for all the public and private actors of the road who, 3 years after the success of the Congress of Paris, will gather in large numbers on March 26, 27 and 28, 2018 in Nice for the second PPRS summit Nice 2018. This summit is dedicated to Maintenance, Modernisation and Adaptation of the roads to the future mobility.

An unmissable event, organised by major French and International institutions, sponsored by the French Minister of Transport, Elisabeth BORNE, who is fully convinced of the priority to be given to the maintenance of roads.

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PPRS Nice 2018: an international forum on the maintenance and modernization of road infrastructures

A global challenge: to reduce the carbon footprint of transport and improve road safety.
A unique opportunity to discuss new technologies and adaptations of new services, new functions and uses of the road.
Finally, exchange and learn from each other about the international road community and its users.
A congress realized by the actors of the road and their professional representations to inspire the decisions of the future for a safe and durable sustainable mobility.
This congress will be in 3 languages, English, French and Spanish and each speaker will elect the language of his choice.

See you in Nice

Juan José Potti           

Juan José POTTI
President of the Advisory and Promotion Committee


Why should we attend PPRS Nice 2018?

One of the highlights for me that is provided by the PPRS platform is the opportunity to exchange on communication experiences throughout the world and how the challenges of promoting the role of a good road network are met. The core messages are likely to be very similar as the road networks worldwide all support their citizens with most of their mobility needs in a safe and sustainable way. This will again be one of the main topics at PPRS Nice 2018, a key message that came out from the last PPRS 2015 in Paris:

‘We all know that there are several major global challenges facing transport (exploding demand, digitalization, scarce funding.). Roads remain the backbone of transport and mobility for all and therefore is pivotal to prosperity and welfare. However, in austere financial times there is a significant challenge for governments and local authorities in the world to fund the transport system and ensure a proper road system maintenance. Moreover, the digital revolution is having a huge impact on our mobility and on how we will need to adapt the road infrastructure to accommodate this dramatic change and to provide sustainable mobility to all citizens.’

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Turbulent times in a fast changing world

But always with opportunities for new and better ideas, that is why you should attend PPRS Nice 2018, an international forum on road infrastructures that ERF initiated together with USIRF and IBEF with the support of the World Road association.

Road safety may have been on a lower priority for the European Commission lately. However, the wind is changing and the Commission is now paying more and more attention to road safety. Amongst the most relevant and recent initiatives there is the Valetta declaration initiated by Commissioner Violetta Bulc, and signed by the EU member states earlier this year. And in the pipeline there are already new initiatives here in Brussels. DG Move is currently working on a revision of Directives 2008/96/EC on road infrastructure safety management and of Directive 2004/54/EC, better known as the “tunnel safety” directive. While the “tunnel safety” directive has been clearly descriptive regarding solutions and procedures in the event of incidents, the road infrastructure safety directive has unfortunately been watered down during the EU legislative process concerning road safety audits and inspections and allowing member states to define and maintain their minimum infrastructure safety requirements.

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Why should you take part in PPRS Nice 2018 ?

PPRS Nice 2018 is the international forum of road infrastructure that will address the pivotal topic of “maintenance, modernisation and adaptation of our roads to the mobility of the future”.

Mobility is one of the major issues of our societies, the notion of the right to mobility becoming a topical subject. And regardless of the mode used, the road and the street are the inescapable support. So this PPRS 2018, a veritable international forum on road infrastructures is therefore crucial.

Its slogan covers all the topics that will be discussed: Maintenance, modernization and adaptation to the mobility of tomorrow.

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The main themes of the PPRS NICE 2018 program


Meeting the mobility challenges is more essential than ever in a rapidly changing context, and the moto of the “PPRS NICE 2018” finds its full justification here.

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Spanish roads: the sector’s perspective FROM CURRENT UNCERTAINTIES TO A PROMISING FUTURE

Spain is a reference point with respect to the use of European funds dedicated to the improvement of road infrastructure. Nevertheless, the main challenges today are the optimisation of road maintenance, the modernisation and the adaptation of the road network to tomorrow’s mobility needs.

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Outline of the PPRS 2018 program

The 2015 PPRS Summit highlighted the fact that most countries are not paying enough attention to road infrastructure maintenance and pavement preservation issues, nor to the socio-economic impact of under-maintenance. Postponing maintenance and rehabilitation can only make it harder to keep existing damage in check, and places the financial burden on the next generation. The watchword was “It is time to act ".

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