Feedback from PPRS 2018

The second edition of PPRS (Pavement Preservation and Recycling Summit) took place in Nice from 26th to 28th March 2018, under the patronage of the French Minister of Transport, Elisabeth Borne.

This event was the opportunity to examine the state-of-the-art of road maintenance and modernisation and to analyse the major trends in road management, financing, contracting and techniques worldwide.

With 3 plenary sessions, 15 parallel sessions and 5 agoras, this Congress gathered 1109 persons from 51 different countries, 116 speakers, as well as 1913 followers on Twitter.

I would also like to report that more than 300 representatives from national, regional or local road authorities actively participated to the different sessions.
51 international exhibitors from the industry and engineering sector were also present.

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Déclaration de Thierry MELINE, Directeur Général de COLAS

Le groupe COLAS s’est toujours fortement engagé avec l’ensemble de la profession pour promouvoir une route sûre, durable, intelligente au service des citoyens et des entreprises. Dix ans de crise des finances publiques ont montré que même une action prioritaire comme l’entretien pouvait être remise en cause et, alors que de nouveaux défis liés au numérique, à l’environnement et à l’énergie apparaissent, il est plus que jamais nécessaire d’optimiser la gestion de la route et des moyens qui lui sont consacrés.

C’est l’objectif que se sont donnés les organisateurs du PPRS 2018 en réunissant à Nice les 26,27 et 28 mars 2018 les responsables politiques, les professionnels de la route, maîtres d’ouvrage, maîtres d’œuvre, entreprises, et les usagers.

Ce forum international permettra de présenter les actions et les démarches innovantes mises en œuvre dans le monde entier, d’échanger et de débattre pour trouver les voies, les moyens et les outils les mieux adaptés à chaque situation locale.

Entretenir et préserver les routes, les moderniser en réduisant leur empreinte carbone et en les adaptant aux nouvelles mobilités et aux nouveaux usages, améliorer la sécurité routière, assurer un financement de long terme : ce sont les enjeux d’aujourd’hui pour la route de demain et ce sont les thèmes qui seront traités au PPRS dans les sessions plénières et dans les ateliers.

J’espère que nous serons très nombreux pour évoquer ces questions fondamentales pour nos concitoyens et pour les entreprises et je souhaite que grâce à la richesse de nos débats ce grand forum international marque le début d’un nouvel élan pour une route plus sûre, plus durable et plus intelligente.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer à Nice le 26 mars 2018.


Photo Thierry Méline 

Thierry MELINE

Directeur général France - COLAS

Editorial by Young Tae KIM, Secretary-General of International Transport Forum (ITF)

Keeping our transport infrastructure in good condition is critical to our economies and something our citizens really care about; maintenance matters. This is something our Transport Ministers are acutely aware of. The International Transport Forum regularly shines a spotlight on the risks of failing to invest sufficiently in maintenance, using our unique database on expenditure on maintenance versus expenditure on new infrastructure. PPRS has become more than a conference; its success has made it an institution, and a very valuable partner in working to ensure we preserve the value of our existing road assets.

Despite the recognized importance of keeping our roads in good shape, the structure of costs for roads tends to trap us into neglecting maintenance. If you have a well maintained network with regular spending on maintenance and renewal to keep it in a stable good condition, expenditure on maintenance can be cut back in a year when funding is short with little immediate impact. So long as the cut in maintenance is made up in the next year or two all is well. But if this doesn’t happen the infrastructure degrades and will need major renewal much sooner than if it had been maintained properly. If this happens too often costs can explode. Unfortunately this is a trap that is hard to avoid, because effectively borrowing from the maintenance budget is sometimes the only way to find money for new projects, inside outside the road sector, and its easy to forget to pay the money back to the roads.

Road managers have tools to address the problem, with asset management models that can project the long term cost of cuts in maintenance in the short term. I am looking forward to discussions in Nice on how we can embed this kind of planning in our funding of roads. This is not just a technical discussion as it goes to the heart of using taxpayer’s money responsibly and how we invest in the future for our citizens.


young tae kim photo site       

Young Tae KIM

Secretary-General of International Transport Forum (ITF)

How can we improve road maintenance? The main focus of the 2018 PPRS in Nice

Road transport is an essential element of the mobility of people and the transport of goods. Thus, maintaining the road infrastructures in good condition and constantly adapting them to the needs of the public and businesses has become an imperative.

The upkeep and modernisation of road networks is an important part of Eiffage Group's business in France and abroad. In recent years, we have witnessed a significant reduction in road maintenance budgets as a direct consequence of the public finance crisis and a downturn in the condition of pavements and road equipment.

This has prompted industry organisations to warn public authorities and undertake a wide range of initiatives to raise the awareness of decision-makers and assist them in optimising road management.

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Statement by Mr Dominique Bussereau, President of the Association of Local French Authorities (ADF), Former Minister

In France, the local authorities manage more than 380,000 km of roads. For a long time, they have made significant investments to modernise these infrastructures, adapt them to an ever-increasing traffic, ensure road safety and provide quality service to the population.

Over the past decade, the public spending devoted to the road system has generally declined, primarily as a result of severe budgetary pressures.
Accordingly, local authorities have prioritised maintenance work; it is the duty of policy-makers to preserve the major public assets represented by the road system and prevent its deterioration, which is detrimental to safety and costly in terms of future budgets.

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Road assets management, a common challenge for PIARC in PPRS 2018

The World Road Association (PIARC) is based in Paris, thanks to the remarkable support of the French administration. We organise technical exchanges between more than 1,200 experts, in order to meet the expectations and requirements of administrations and road operators and of all members of the Association. We are proud to count 121 governments among these.

One of our members' first concerns is the proper management of their road assets. How to plan servicing and maintenance work? What strategies to adopt? How to mobilise suitable financing? How to measure performance? In response, PIARC has decided to provide all with access to various tools. This includes our new online manual, which is a treasure trove of knowledge suitable for all countries whatever their level of development, numerous reports, and the HDM-4 software, developed in collaboration with financial institutions such as the World Bank.

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Statement of Elisabeth BORNE, French Minister of Transport

To meet the mobility challenges of our fellow citizens, the French Government has decided to give priority to everyday travel, and therefore focus on the maintenance and modernization of existing networks. This is particularly true for roads, as they have proven to be irreplaceable infrastructures which ensure the greater share of mobility for both people and goods.

The Mobility roundtables that I have organized in recent months in France have confirmed that roads must play a major role in environmental, energy and digital transitions.

This is why I am so pleased to see that major French and international institutions are organizing the Pavement Preservation Recycling Summit to be held in Nice, France, on March 26, 27 and 28, 2018.

I fully support this initiative which will give us the opportunity to confront political, financial, organizational and technical viewpoints, and especially to exchange best practices from countries around the world.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Nice to ensure that the Summit is a great success and to find the voices and means to provide better road network maintenance for the benefit of all.

006 AB20932           

Elisabeth BORNE
French Minister of Transport

Happy new year and good PPRS 2018

A new year begins, an important year for all the public and private actors of the road who, 3 years after the success of the Congress of Paris, will gather in large numbers on March 26, 27 and 28, 2018 in Nice for the second PPRS summit Nice 2018. This summit is dedicated to Maintenance, Modernisation and Adaptation of the roads to the future mobility.

An unmissable event, organised by major French and International institutions, sponsored by the French Minister of Transport, Elisabeth BORNE, who is fully convinced of the priority to be given to the maintenance of roads.

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PPRS Nice 2018: an international forum on the maintenance and modernization of road infrastructures

A global challenge: to reduce the carbon footprint of transport and improve road safety.
A unique opportunity to discuss new technologies and adaptations of new services, new functions and uses of the road.
Finally, exchange and learn from each other about the international road community and its users.
A congress realized by the actors of the road and their professional representations to inspire the decisions of the future for a safe and durable sustainable mobility.
This congress will be in 3 languages, English, French and Spanish and each speaker will elect the language of his choice.

See you in Nice

Juan José Potti           

Juan José POTTI
President of the Advisory and Promotion Committee


Why should we attend PPRS Nice 2018?

One of the highlights for me that is provided by the PPRS platform is the opportunity to exchange on communication experiences throughout the world and how the challenges of promoting the role of a good road network are met. The core messages are likely to be very similar as the road networks worldwide all support their citizens with most of their mobility needs in a safe and sustainable way. This will again be one of the main topics at PPRS Nice 2018, a key message that came out from the last PPRS 2015 in Paris:

‘We all know that there are several major global challenges facing transport (exploding demand, digitalization, scarce funding.). Roads remain the backbone of transport and mobility for all and therefore is pivotal to prosperity and welfare. However, in austere financial times there is a significant challenge for governments and local authorities in the world to fund the transport system and ensure a proper road system maintenance. Moreover, the digital revolution is having a huge impact on our mobility and on how we will need to adapt the road infrastructure to accommodate this dramatic change and to provide sustainable mobility to all citizens.’

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